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Buy Training Vouchers

Want to attend a class, but not sure when? Need to purchase classes for multiple students? Need to purchase training with this year’s budget?

We have a solution… Training Vouchers - your ticket to attending a Kofax training class. Training Vouchers are a great option for buying now and deciding later. By purchasing a Training Voucher, you are reserving your seat in a Kofax Training class now, with the added benefit of deciding which location and date is most convenient for you when you are ready.

One voucher is required per person attending class. You must have a voucher prior to registering for class. Vouchers may be purchased using a credit card (preferred) or by check. Ordering by credit card is the most efficient way to purchase vouchers. You will receive a printable "eVoucher" immediately.

You may order your vouchers:

Training Voucher - Data and Document Capture