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Kofax VRS Elite
Training & Certification

Goals of the Course

At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify features and benefits of Kofax VRS Elite.
  • Describe the requirements for using Kofax VRS Elite in a production environment.
  • Configure Kofax VRS Elite for achieving optimum image quality.
  • Save Kofax VRS Elite properties as reusable profiles.


To fully utilize the information in the course and to complete the student lab exercises, the following requirements should be met:

  • Access to a scanner certified for use with Kofax VRS Elite.
  • An active Kofax VRS Elite license.

Format and Duration

  • Self-paced on-demand or computer-based training
  • Combination of prerecorded presentations and demonstrations and hands-on student lab exercises. 
  • Estimated duration to complete: eight hours.

Course Materials

  • All course materials are provided


Kofax VRS Elite Training - Class Outline


        Module 1 - Seminar Overview and Introduction to Kofax VRS Elite

  • Course Description and Format, Prerequisite, Goals, and Materials
  • Class structure and module overviews
  • What is Kofax VRS Elite?
  • The Kofax VRS Elite Process
  • Features of Kofax VRS Elite
  • New Features in Kofax VRS Elite
  • Kofax VRS Elite Licensing
  • Certified versus Non-certified Scanners

        Module 2 – Administration of Kofax VRS Elite

  • Introduction to the Kofax VRS Administration Console
  • Features of the Kofax VRS Administration Console
  • Using the Kofax VRS Administration Console
  • ** Demonstration: Kofax VRS Administration Console **
  • ** Student Lab Exercise: Kofax VRS Administration Console **

        Module 3 - Scanning with Kofax VRS Elite

  • Kofax VRS Elite Menu Options
  • Accessing the Kofax VRS Interactive Viewer
  • Settings to Achieve Optimum Results
  • Scan Profiles

        Module 4 - VRS Test Application (VCDemo)

  • What is the VRS Test Application (VCDemo)
  • Using the VRS Test Application
  • ** Demonstration: Scanning with Kofax VRS Elite Using VRS Test Application (VCDemo) **
  • ** Student Lab Exercise: Scanning with Kofax VRS Elite Using VRS Test Application (VCDemo) **
Kofax VRS Elite
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