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Kofax Mobile Capture SDK 2.3 What's New
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This presentation assumes you already have previous knowledge and experience with the Kofax Mobile Capture Platform and SDK



  • Provide a brief overview of the new features and changes to Kofax Mobile Capture Software Developers Kit (SDK) version 2.3.
  • Introduce the new features of the SDK.
  • Describe and demonstrate the new functionality through the supplied demo app(s).
  • Present the contents of the SDK.
  • Show code samples for basic image capture functionality.
  • List resources available to assist the developer in programming with the SDK.



  • Real-Time Video Feed
    • Extend standard acquisition constraints (stability, pitch & roll, levelness)
  • Enhanced Check Processing
    • CheckDetector,
    • CheckCaptureExperience
    • MICR parsing enhances check capture
  • HTML 5 Support
    • provide client side tools to produce smaller file sizes
  • RTTI Enhancements
    • New parameters for field alternatives and OCR processing
  • Credit Card Processing
    • Capture embossed and non-embossed credit cards
    • Extract credit card number.
  • New Sample Application
    • Kofax Mobile Demo (KMD) replaces BankRight


Kofax Mobile Capture SDK 2.3 What's New
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