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Kofax Transformation 6.0 Scripting

At the end of this training program, attendees will be able to: 

  • Develop a KTM project using logical, efficient methods
  • Correctly write basic WinWrap statements
  • Identify the help references available in KTM for scripting
  • Use the WinWrap Basic script editor to:
    • Set breakpoints
    • Step through script
    • Display results in watch windows
    • Display errors
    • Create subroutines
    • Declare variables
    • Reference functions and objects
    • Debug scripts
  • Develop a scripted formatter
  • Develop a scripted locator
  • Write, test and implement scripted single-field and multi-field Validation methods
  • Write, test and implement scripted Document Review methods
  • Write, test and implement Validation scripts
  • Write, test and implement server scripts
    • Write, test and implement a Document Routing script
  • Write, test and implement Folder scripts




Illustrated lecture, demonstrations and hands-on lab exercises


Class Outline

Module 1 -  Class Introduction

  1. Duration, prerequisites and materials
  2. Goals
  3. Class structure and module overviews


Module 2 -  Scripting Overview

  • Purpose of scripting: “extending the capabilities of KTM”
  • Examples:

a) Special formatting to accommodate database or document management applications

b) Special locators: eg., returning data not accommodated by out-of-the-box locators like concatenation of fields returned by other locators, returning multiple tables on a single page as a single table, etc.

c) Custom Validation methods and rules

d) Custom Document Review methods and rules

e) Custom actions in the KTM Validation Module

f) Special conditional batch routing

  • Where scripts are stored (in the .fpr file)


 Module 3 -  Introduction to WinWrap Basic and the Script Editor

  • What is WinWrap Basic?
  • Programming concepts
  • The WinWrap Basic Language and Editor



Module 4 -  Starting Easy: Scripted Formatters

  • Creating the formatter: Select, copy, paste
  • Modifying the formatter
  • Testing the formatter
  • Applying the formatter


Module 5 -  Script Locator

  • Script Locator using a Simple Field Type
  • Designing and creating the locator
  • Testing the locator
  • Script Locator using a Group Field Type
  • Designing and creating the locator
  • Testing the locator


Module 6 -  Scripted Validation Methods

  • Single Field Method
  • Multi-Field Method


Module 7 -  Validation Scripts

  • Function at runtime in the Validation Module
  • Access to the Editior from the Validation Forms Design tool
  • Example: Dynamic Masking (temporary redaction)


Module 8 -  Scripted Document Review Methods

  • Designing and Creating a Scripted Document Review Method
  • Creating a Document Review Rule that references the scripted method
  • Testing


Module 9 -  Server Scripts

  • Server Script Events Sequence
  • Document Routing (no Workflow Agent required!)
  • Editing & Exporting Sticky Notes


Module 10 -  Help and Resources

  • Scripting Help
  • Editor Help
  • Language Help
  • Objects and References
  • Sample Scripts
  • Kofax Knowledge Bases
  • Scripting Help
  • Kofax Forums


Module 11 -  Review and Q&A

Kofax Transformation 6.0 Scripting
Delivery method Ondemand
Duration 3 days
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