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Kofax TotalAgility 7.3 Analytics

Course Overview

The focus of this course is to provide product training for Kofax TotalAgility Analytics, utilizing instruction and hands-on labs to develop administration and operation skills for the software. The result will provide technical skills necessary to become certified in Kofax Insight for TotalAgility 7. Attendees will be able to Install Kofax Insight, Connect Insight to TotalAgility for purposes of Resource and Roles management, specify Data Sources, and build Records, Metrics and Views for TotalAgility data.

This course is intended for technical professionals who need to understand how to install Kofax Insight, configure, design, implement, and support the operation of Process Business Intelligence (PBI) reporting for TotalAgility solutions. Learning is accomplished through presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on labs.

This course is designed to provide a comprehensive technical overview into the Kofax Insight for TotalAgility product, its functionality, configuration, and integration. During this course, the attendee will become familiar with Business Intelligence features.

At Course Completion

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Install and license Kofax Insight 5.x
  • Connect to TotalAgility for Resource and acess management
  • Import and configure the KAFTA project
  • Configure common Insight Studio settings
  • Import a package to TotalAgility and create relevant process instances (jobs) to provide Process Business Intelligence raw data
  • Create an Insight project and specify data sources
  • Understand and build records
  • Understand and create derived fields and filters
  • Understand and build metrics
  • Understand and build Views and dashboards
  • Configure TotalAgility to be able to access these dashboards from a TotalAgility site
  • Add a TotalAgility work queue as a data source
  • Create execution plans
  • Configure more advanced records, translation tables and views
  • Create an Insight process to show key steps, build wwim lanes, process grids and process step charts
  • Add a solution database as a data source
  • Examine and configure alerts


To maximize the learning experience, the student must have completed the following:

  • TotalAgility Essentials Training and Certification
  • TotalAgility Design and Configuration - SPA Training and Certification

It would be beneficial to also have a basic working knowledge of:

  • SQL databases
  • Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)

Course Materials

All course materials are provided.


Classroom: 8:30 - 4:30 each day for four (4) days. Fifth day is allowed for morning certification exam.

Course Outline


Module 1 - Introduction to the Kofax Insight Analytics for TotalAgility Course

  • Classroom environment
  • Cours materials, software and hardware
  • Course roadmap
  • Course Objectives
  • Use case scenario
  • Exam registration
  • What is Kofax Insight Analytics for TotalAgility?
  • Complete prerequisite as per Lab00 if completing the training on your PC

Module 2 - Installing Kofax Insight

  • Installation prerequisites
    • Hardware requirements
    • Software requirements
  • Installation steps
  • Licensing Kofax Insight
  • LAB: Installing Kofax Insight

Module 3 - Administration and KAFTA Import

  • Accessing Insight administration
  • What is KAFTA?
  • Importing the KAFTA project
  • Connection to the TotalAgility database
  • Configuring roles
  • Configuring TotalAgility Integration to connect to Insight
  • Configuring a capture process for BI reporting
  • Configuring TotalAgility navigation to provide access to the KAFTA dashboard and views
  • DEMO
  • LAB

Module 4 - Importing a TotalAgility Package

  • What is a package?
  • Components of a package
  • Importing package options
  • Confirming package imported successfully
  • Overview of relevant processes as part of a package
  • Creating TotalAgility jobs to provide business intelligence raw data
  • DEMO
  • LAB


Module 5 - Insight Studio

  • Overview
  • General settings
  • Creating a new Insight project
  • Defining data sources
  • Testing data sources
  • DEMO
  • LAB

Module 6 - Records

  • What are records?
  • Creating a new record
  • Defining data source
  • Testing data source
  • DEMO
  • LAB

Module 7 - Derived Fields

  • What is a derived field?
  • Creating a derived field
  • Specifiying an expression
  • DEMO
  • LAB

Module 8 - Record Filters

  • Overview
  • Defining a filter
  • DEMO
  • LAB

Module 9 - Metrics

  • What is a metric?
  • Creating a metric
  • Testing a metric
  • DEMO
  • LAB

Module 10 - Views and Dashboards

  • What is a view?
  • Defining a view
  • Testing components on a view
  • What is a dashboard?
  • Creating a dashboard
  • Accessing a dashboard from TotalAgility
  • DEMO
  • LAB


Module 11 - Execution Plans

  • Overview
  • Defining an execution plan
  • Data load module
  • DEMO
  • LAB

Module 12- Adding TotalAgility Work Queue data as a Record Source

  • What are TotalAgility work queue fields and why use them?
  • Configuring a record to use TotalAgility work queue data
  • Providing a record field display name for each work queue field
  • DEMO
  • LAB

Module 13 - Records and Translation Tables

  • Creating a record based on a solution database
  • Creating a translation table
  • Connecting the translation table to a record field
  • Testing a translation table
  • DEMO
  • LAB

Module 14 - More Metrics

  • Creating more metrics
  • Testing metrics
  • DEMO
  • LAB

Module 15 - Adding More Views

  • Defining a view
  • Testing components on a view
  • Updating the dashboard
  • Testing the dashboard from TotalAgility
  • DEMO
  • LAB


Module 16 - Insight Processes

  • What are Insight processes?
  • Defining a process and relevant process steps
  • Defining records for the process
  • Connecting records to the process steps
  • Building a view for process swim lanes, process grids and process step charts
  • Creating process metrics
  • Testing
  • DEMO
  • LAB

Module 17 - Adding TotalAgility Work Queue as a Record Source

  • What are TotalAgility work queues and why use them?
  • Configuring a record to use TotalAgility work queue data
  • Providing a record field display name for each work queue field
  • DEMO
  • LAB

Module 18 - Alerts

  • Configuring alerts
  • Testing alerts
  • DEMO
  • LAB

Module 19 - Exporting and Importing

  • Overview
  • Exporting project componints
  • Exporting projects
  • Importing
  • DEMO
  • LAB

Module 20 - Review and Testing

  • Class review
  • Overview of the exam environment and exam structure
  • Logging into the exam server
  • Certification testing
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