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Kofax TotalAgility 7.1 MCC Invoices

At Course Completion
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:
• Use the Auto Cluster functionality to automatically create Document Types
• Understand when to use Content and Instruction Classification features
• Use Trainable Document Separation
• Configure Tables in extraction groups, and complete manual table extraction
• Configure Trainable Invoice Locators
• Configure and use Automated Table extraction
• Access an external Database to match Invoices and Invoice Line Items
• Customize forms to work with Invoices particularly the Validation Forms
• Configure Evaluators
• Use Business Rules to complete multi-field validation as well as Line Item calculations
• Learn when to use, and how to create Script Formatters and Script Locators
• Export Data to Systems of Record
• Logging functions

To maximize the learning experience, it is Mandatory that the student has already attended the Kofax TotalAgility Essentials course.
It would also benefit if the student also had the following:
• Awareness of programming/scripting concepts
• Understanding of Capture and BPM Concepts
• Basic working knowledge of:
o SQL databases
o Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
o VB coding syntax


Course Outline

Module 1 - Introduction, Sites, Forms and Processes
Module 2 - Clustering
Module 3 - Content and Instruction Classification
Module 4 - Trainable Document Separation
Module 5 - Invoice and Table Locator Overview
Module 6 - Trainable Group Locators
Module 7 - Knowledge Bases
Module 8 - Automatic Table Extraction
Module 9 - Line Item Matching Locator
Module 10 - Evaluators
Module 11 - Configuring the Invoice Process
Module 12 - Customize Forms
Module 13 - Validation
Module 14 - Partial Completion
Module 15 - Export Extracted Data
Module 16 - Scripting Overview and Script Formatters
Module 17 - Script Locators used for Classification
Module 18 - Script Locators extracting Field Values
Module 19 - Review and Testing

Kofax TotalAgility 7.1 MCC Invoices
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Duration 5 days
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