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Kofax RPA 10.x Essentials

This course provides an introduction to the Kofax RPA (Robotic Process Automation, formerly Kofax Kapow) 10.4 platform, and provides participants with hands-on experience developing, debugging and publishing automated data integration workflows using the RPA Design Studio, Management Console and KappZone. Students will develop robots for both web and desktop automation. At course end, participants will be given the opportunity to complete an examination leading to certification as a Technical Solutions Specialist in - Kofax RPA 10.4.

This course is intended for technical professionals who are participating in the design, implementation or support of Kofax RPA data integration solutions. Students should have a basic understanding of HTTP, HTML, and a general understanding of application development. Knowledge of regular expressions, SQL, relational databases, and JavaScript is also beneficial.

Audience: End Users, Partners and Kofax employees responsible for the installation, configuration, support and maintenance of a Kofax RPA solution.

Kofax RPA 10.x Essentials
Delivery method Ondemand
Duration 4 days
Part number TR-3500-0001V
Price Domestic USD 3500 USD
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