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Kofax MarkView Server Administration

The Kofax MarkView Server Administration course is an introductory level course.  It includes the Server interface and the setup and configuration of the server operation.  The course is intended for those new to the MarkView Server or managing a server environment. The MarkView Topology and interface with Oracle 12 EBS is discussed.  Instructions on obtaining credentials to the Kofax Customer Portal are provided and benefits of of the site are presented.  The MarkView workflow is presented and server components and Topology are included.  Integration with Oracle 12 EBS is discussed and methods for the interface are introduced.  Capture and Output components are presented.  The Mobile Inbox/Viewer are presented.  Appendices are included that provide a description of the server components and reliance on other components on the server.  The certification exam is included with this course.

Kofax MarkView Server Administration
Delivery method Ondemand
Duration 1 days
Part number TR-0000-9003V
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