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Kofax Front Office Server 4.0

Course Overview

This class is intended for administrators and developers tasked with deploying and configuring Kofax Front Office Server for use in an enterprise environment.  Installation and configuration at the administration level as well as end-user utilization of Kofax Front Office Server including configuration and basic operation will be covered.

The course will provide a product learning experience and hands-on operation through the use of skill development labs and presentation techniques.

This intensive hands-on course is designed to provide a thorough and complete understanding of the Kofax Front Office Server product, its functionality, configuration, and integration. During this course, the attendee will become familiar with the administration, operation, and integration of Kofax Front Office Server. A Certification Exam is included with the course and the goal of the class is to provide knowledge so that a score of 80% or better will be achieved on the exam and certification awarded.

At Course Completion

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Cite the requirements for the Kofax Front Office Server production and development environments.
  • Deploy and administer Kofax Front Office Server in an enterprise environment.
  • Configure Kofax Front Office Server for use in a production environment.
  • Perform basic document capture, manipulation, and import into Kofax Capture using the client interface and a network input device.
  • Pass a certification exam with a score of 80% or higher to get certified in Kofax Front Office Server.


To maximize the learning experience, students should have the following:

  • Configuration and deployment of Kofax Front Office Server as covered in this course do not require any programming skills.  Basic computer knowledge is all that’s needed to complete this class.
  • It will be helpful if the student has basic networking skills because this is a network-based product.
  • You must have a copy of the Kofax Front Office Server version 4 product.
  • You must have Kofax Capture installed and licensed. The following versions of Kofax Capture are certified to be used with Kofax Front Office Server 4: Kofax Capture 10, KCN Server 10 (central and remote sites), Kofax Capture 9.0, or KCN Server 9.0 (central and remote sites).

Course Materials

  • All course materials are provided


Kofax Front Office Server Training - Class Outline

        Module 1 – Introduction to Class

  • Overview
  • Duration and Schedule
  • Prerequisites
  • Goals
  • Materials
  • Structure and Methodology
  • Module Overview

        Module 2 – Introduction to Kofax Front Office Server

  • Product Description
  • Product Features and Benefits
  • Business Purpose
  • Product Architecture
  • Flexible User Interface
  • Peripherals Supported
  • Direct Integration with Kofax Capture
  • New Features in Version 4

        Module 3 - Installing Kofax Front Office Server

  • System Requirements
  • Integration with Kofax Capture
  • Client Requirements
  • Installing Kofax Front Office Server
  • Installing the Kofax Capture Administration Plug-in
  • Installing MFP Front Panel Software
  • Enabling Single Sign-on
  • Upgrading
  • Viewing the Installation Log Files
  • Licensing
  • Viewing the Documentation
  • Starting and Stopping the Service
  • ** Demonstration: Basic Features of Kofax Capture Front Office Server **
  • LAB 3: Installing Kofax Capture Front Office Server

        Module 4 – Administration of Kofax Front Office Server

  • The KFS Administration Console
  • Logging into the KAC
  • Elements of the KAC
  • Adding, Discovering, and Configuring Devices
  • Adding Shortcuts
  • Adding Device Profiles
  • Configuring Thin Client Permissions
  • Configuring Users and Groups
  • Configuring KFS Thin Client Scanning
  • Web Services API
  • Developer Resources
  • ** Demonstration: Administration of Kofax Front Office Server **
  • LAB 4: Using the KFS Administration Console

Module 5 – End User Operation

  • KFS Thin Client
  • Elements of KFS Thin Client
  • Inputting Documents into the System
  • KFS Thin Client Scanning
  • Working with Documents Inside KFS Thin Client
  • Sending Documents to Kofax Capture
  • Using Kofax Capture Form Types
  • Integrating Kofax Capture Validation Scripting
  • Shortcuts
  • Send to Me Option
  • KFS Inbox Option
  • Coversheets
  • ** Demonstration: End User Operation – KFS Thin Client**
  • ** Demonstration: End User Operation – MFP Front Panel**
  • LAB 5: Using KFS Thin Client and End User Operation

        Module 6 – Testing and Certification

  • Certification Requirements
  • The Certification Exam
  • Taking the Exam
  • Receiving Your Certificate
  • ** Certification Exam **
Kofax Front Office Server 4.0
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