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Kofax Express 3.1

Course Overview
This course is designed to provide students with a detailed examination of Kofax Express version 3.1. Students will be introduced to components, options, and features for Kofax Express, and will be presented with best practices for configuring Kofax Express to capture documents of optimum image quality, acquire and associate index data with the documents, manipulate documents and data, and make the documents and data available to back-end applications and repositories.

Goals of the Course
At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to:
• Identify features and benefits of Kofax Express.
• Describe the requirements for using Kofax Express in a production environment.
• Configure Kofax Express for achieving optimum image quality, acquire and associate index data, and export the documents and data to back-end applications and repositories.

To fully utilize the information in the course and to complete the student lab exercises, the following requirements should be met:
• Access to a PC with administrative permissions.
• No programming or specialized IT skills are required.
• A TWAIN or ISIS scanner would be helpful for capturing images via a scanning operation, but not necessary.

Format and Duration
• Self-paced on-demand or computer-based training
• Combination of prerecorded presentations and demonstrations and hands-on student lab exercises.
• Estimated duration to complete: eight to ten hours.

Course Materials
• All course materials are provided

Kofax ExpressTraining - Class Outline

Module 1 - Introduction to Class
• Overview
• Duration and Schedule
• Prerequisites
• Goals
• Materials
• Structure and Methodology
• Module Overview

Module 2 - Introduction to Kofax Express
• Kofax Express description
• Features of Kofax Express
• Terms and Concepts

Module 3 – Installing Kofax Express

• Kofax Express prerequisites
• Scanner Installation
• Standalone installation
• Client/server installation
• Kofax Express licensing
• Export service installation
** Student Lab Exercise: Installing Kofax Express **

Module 4 – Kofax Express GUI
• Launching Kofax Express
• The Kofax Express GUI
** Demonstration: Elements of the Kofax Express GUI **

Module 5 - Configuring Kofax Express
• Preparing for scanning
• Scan profiles
• Configuring FolderScan to input documents
• Defining jobs
• Document separation
• Indexing
• Drawing recognition zones for data extraction
• Capturing and processing bar code data
• Batch export
• Creating and editing validation scripts
** Demonstration: Configuring a job template and creating a scan profile **
** Student Lab Exercise: Configuring a job template **

Module 6 – Processing Batches
• Getting started
• Creating a job
• Creating a batch
• Setting scan settings
• Using FolderScan
• Indexing
• Drawing recognition zones for data extraction
• Bar code processing
• Exporting the batches
** Demonstration: Creating jobs and processing batches **
** Student Lab Exercise: Creating jobs and processing batches **

Module 07 – Testing and Certification
• Certification Requirements
• The Certification Exam
• Taking the Exam
• Receiving Your Certificate
• ** Certification Exam **

Kofax Express 3.1
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