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Kofax Customer Communications Manager 5.1 Templates and Administration

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

• Know how to create new content and maintain existing content

• Know how to extend and create master templates and document templates

• Know how the Data Backbone can be used

• Know how to manage roles and user in the Repository



• Basic knowledge of Microsoft Word

• Basic programming skills

• To enter the class you need to have completed the Customer Communications Manager Essentials course


Course Materials

All course materials are provided.


Course Outline


Module 1 – Introduction to Class

• Duration, prerequisites and materials

• Goals

• Class structure and module overview


Module 2 – Customer Communications Manager Overview

• Areas to address

• Customer Communications Manager can create every word processor document

• Functionality of the


Module 3 – Architecture

• 5 layer model

• Role of Customer Communications Manager in the infrastructure of the client

• Generation of documents

• Runtime components


Module 4 – Content Creation and Maintenance

• Get to know the repository

• Use text blocks

• Content wizards

• Document templates

• Forms and qforms

• Views

• Data Backbone

• Field sets

• Content Lifecycle Management


Module 5 – Content Management

• Repository Application Management using the CCM Designer for Windows

• Managing Corporate Identity

• Organizing content

• Managing Users including roles and permissions

• Installing licenses

• Export and import content projects

• Create and use publications

• Content Lifecycle Management extended


Module 6 – Master Templates

• Instruction language

• Data Backbone



Module 6 – Master Templates (continued)

• Conditions and loops

• Text blocks

• Parameters / Interaction with Document templates

• Use content wizards

• Field sets


Module 7 – Certification and Testing

• Certification requirements

• The Certification Exam

• Taking the exam

• Receiving your certificate


Kofax Customer Communications Manager 5.1 Templates and Administration
Delivery method Classroom
Duration 3 days
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