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Kofax Customer Communications Manager 5.1 Installation, Management and Integration

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

• Describe and explain the working of Customer Communications Manager

• Install Customer Communications Manager components

• Configure Customer Communications Manager components

• Develop, modify, and test CCM Core Scripts

• Setup integration with other systems and databases

• Assess and solve problems



• Basic knowledge of managing the Windows Server Operating System

• Basic knowledge of managing Internet Information Services

• Basic knowledge of scripting languages

• Basic knowledge of SQL based databases

• To enter the class you need to have competed the Customer Communications Manager Essentials course


Course Materials

All course materials are provided.


Course Outline


Module 1 – Introduction to Class

• Duration, prerequisites and materials

• Goals

• Class structure and module overview


Module 2 – Customer Communication Manager Overview

• Areas to address

• Functionality of Customer Communications Manager


Module 3 – Concepts and Architecture

• 5 Layer model

• The role of Customer Communications Manager in the Infrastructure of the client

• Process flow

• Architecture


Module 4 – Installation

• CCM Core Server component, Webservice IIS application & Directory Watch service, Verification of an installation with the testtool and saclient

• CCM Repository and CCM Designer Server, Database connection, Create model package, REST api, CCM Designer for Windows

• CCM ComposerUI

• CCM ContractManager


Module 5 – Configuration

• File locations

• Physical servers

• Licenses

• Start and stop services

• Document Processors

• Services

• Run model settings

• Environments and Server constants

• Monitoring system resources




Module 6 – Integration

• API’s

• Submitting Requests

• Delivering Result Documents

• Support content lifecycle

• Runtime environment settings


Module 7 – Scripts

• Purposes for scripts

• Locate scripts

• Invoking Customer Communications Management document templates

• Hooks and endpoints


Module 8 – Scripting Language

• Script commands

• Parameters

• Variables

• Local and Global Constants

• Filename manipulation

• Functions

• Control structures

• Generating PDF files



Module 9 – Error handling

• Preparation

• Configuration settings

• Implement your own error handling

• Recurring problems


Module 10 – Logging and Trouble shooting

• Different logfiles

• Logfile settings

• Reading and interpreting logfiles

• Solve a number of predefined problems


Module 11 – Certification and Testing

• Certification requirements

• The Certification Exam

• Taking the exam

• Receiving your certificate


Kofax Customer Communications Manager 5.1 Installation, Management and Integration
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