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Kofax Communication Server Advanced Links

Course Description:
This training is designed to provide advanced LINK knowledge.

This training is designed as a technical session – NOT a sales or marketing presentation. Your attendance in this training seminar will give you technical insight into the Kofax Communication Server.

At Class Completion:
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Give an overview of Links and document conversion.
  • Setup and configure the SAP Integration for Fax & KCS -> TC/LINK-SC and TC/LINK-SC7
  • Setup and configure TC/LINK-MQ to integrate IBM MQSeries for Fax & KCS
  • Setup and configure TC/LINK-WM(/MD) to use the Short Messaging Service (SMS) via KCS
  • Setup MFPConnect with eCopy
  • Setup and configure TC/LINK-MX to transfer messages between Microsoft Exchange 2003 and the KCS
  • Setup and configure TC/LINK-LN to transfer messages between Notes and the KCS
  • Setup and configure TC/LINK-CCD to transfer messages from KCS to Kofax Capture
  • Configure exchange of meta data and information via the Internet using TC/SOAP & XML
  • Do basic troubleshooting and know the most important trace settings.

To attend this course, interested students must have the following prerequisites:

  • KCS Platform Fax course
  • KCS Platform Link course

Training Materials:
Software, Hardware and technical documentation is provided.

Training Contents:
Overview about the Kofax Communication Server (KCS) product range.

At the end of the course there will be an online theoretical test. You need at least 85% to pass the exam.

When successfully passing the "KCS Advanced Link exam", you will be awarded with a certificate.

Kofax Communication Server Advanced Links
Delivery method Classroom
Duration 5 days
Part number TR-7000-1400
Price USD $3850
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