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Kofax Capture Network Server 10.0 Essentials

Course Overview

Module 1 - Course Overview

                        Duration, Prerequisites and Materials


                        Module Overviews

Module 2 – Kofax Capture Network Server (KCNS) Overview

                        Product Overview

                        Rationale and Costs

                        The Internet and Bandwidth Considerations

                        Planning Your KCNS Installation

                        Central and Remote Site Managers

                        Central and Remote Site Profiles


Module 3 - Installing KCNS Server Components

                        Web Server Hardware & System Requirements

                        KCN Service System Requirements

                        KCN Server Installation

                        KCN Service Installation

                        File Cache Installation

                        NTFS (New Technology File System) Permissions

                        IIS (Internet Information Server) Permissions

                        Web Farms and Network Load Balancing (NLB)

                        **LAB 3-1: Kofax Capture Installation**

                        **LAB 3-2: KCN Service Installation**

                        **LAB 3-3: Create KCNS Anonymous User**

                        **LAB 3-4: KCN Server Installation**

Module 4 – Central and Remote Site Profiles

                        Creating and Saving a Central Site Profile

                        Creating and Saving Remote Site Profiles

                        Batch Routing

                        Batch Filtering

                        Station and Volume Licensing

                        Polling Times and Frequency

                        Converting User Profiles to Remote Site Profiles

                        Local User Profiles and User Tracking

                        **LAB 4-1: Importing and Publishing Batch Classes

                        **LAB 4-2: Setting up Central and Remote Site Profiles


Module 5 – Remote Client Installation

                        Remote Site Hardware Requirements

                        Remote Site System Requirements

                        Remote Client Installation

                        Downloading Batch Classes

                        Uploading Batches

                        Checking Batch Status

                        Switching Central Sites

                        User Tracking Database

                        **LAB 5-1: Install Kofax Capture at Remote Workstation

                        **LAB 5-2: Converting to a Remote Site

                        **LAB 5-3: Site Profile Review and Database Validation Setup

                        **LAB 5-4: Processing Batches

Module 6 – KCNS Review & Summary

                        Feature Summary

                        KCNS – What it is and isn’t

                        Rationale and Costs

                        Setting Up Services and File Caches

                        Setting Up the Server

                        High Availability

                        Site Profiles and Batch handling

                        Setting up Clients

                        KCNS Operations

Module 7 – Testing and Certification

                        Certification Requirements

                        The Certification Exam

                        Taking the Exam

                        Receiving Your Certificate

                        **CERTIFICATION EXAM**

Kofax Capture Network Server 10.0 Essentials
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