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Digital Transformation Academy



  • Objectives:  
    • What is Digital Transformation?
    • The Kofax Digital Transformation Product Suite
  • Topics covered:
    • The HR On-boarding process and solution walk-through
    • Process and forms design best practice guidelines
    • Process encapsulation (what is it, how it benefits solutions, efficiency, re-use and performance)
    • On-boarding process walk-through (HR Process)
    • Review and implementation of Business Process and Case Management Advanced Concepts
    • Introduction and implementation of Robotic Processes
    • Introduction and implementation of eSignature Features
    • Introduction and implementation of Customer Communication Features
    • Introduction and implementation of Process Intelligence Analytics Features
    • DTM-athon (attendees opportunity to implement their ideas to extend and improve the solution)


As you leave:

Attendees leave with a working environment and working demonstrations (Digital Mailroom and On-boarding) plus step by step instructions on how to implement/configure the HR On-boarding solution

Additional pre-recorded demonstrations providing step by step instructions on how to enhance your environment/solution to highlight topics such as Mobile. 

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Digital Transformation Academy
Delivery method Classroom
Duration 4 days
Price Domestic USD 1500 USD
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