Welcome to the Capture and Extraction for MarkView 9 Certification Exam.

This exam covers material taught in the class and includes 50 multiple choice questions with 1 correct answer for each question.

The exam is timed and you will have 3 Hours (180 Minutes) to complete it.

You may save your exam without submitting it for scoring by selecting the link at the lower left of the exam page. Be sure you Log Out and Close your Browser to stop the timer for your exam. You may logon again and continue the exam at a later time by using your logon credentials.

When you have answered all the questions, select the Save All and Submit button at the lower right of your exam page. Click on Yes to submit your exam for scoring. Your score and exam will be displayed on the next page that opens. You may review your exam and answers but nothing can be changed on the exam.

To enter the exam area, select the link directly below.